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Starting off the new year with a very gracious post for everyone who has purchased prints or calendars this past year. I’m thankful for the support and interest, and I’m so happy to see diptychē popping up in apartments, kitchens, and cubicles around the world:


diptych-a-day / SoHo doors, NYC

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This Black Friday through Cyber Monday – all calendars are marked down to $20.13:

diptych-a-day / Blue Residential Tower, NYC

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I am honored to have the ROYGBIV Desk Calendar featured in this year’s uber Holiday Guide by Donaville at Discover Paper. Donaville and her contributors have done a wonderful job rounding up everything from calendars and cards to gift guides and festive decorations – be sure to check it out for your holiday needs!


Lookit! Right here on page 57:



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The much-overdue day has finally arrived – 2013 Wall Calendars are here, and bigger and brighter than before – measuring 18″ x 12″ and spanning 16 months (November ’12 – February ’14),  they will make quite the colorful splash on your wall of choice.


NOTE /// due to damage from Hurricane Sandy, I will not be able to ship any prints until power and transit has been restored in NYC. But I felt it best to release the calendars sooner rather than later, so feel free to order at this time and I will ship as soon as I possibly can.


In this year’s collage prints, individual diptych photos become colored pixels as part of a larger image – at a short distance you see the individual images, but from afar the ’2013′ emerges from the page:



CMYK Series


The process of color printing relies on overlapping layers of cyan (C), magenta (M), and yellow (Y) ink dots to create patterns which our eyes understand as text and images on the printed page. Based on the concept of the CMYK color model, this CMYK series also starts with a white background and yields black as the result of combining the 3 process colors.




RGB Series


Electronic devices and displays rely on various arrangements of tightly-packed red (R), green (G), and blue (B) lights to create patterns which our eyes understand as images on the screen. Based on the concept of the RGB color model , this RGB series also starts with a black background and yields white as the result of combining the 3 colored light sources.


and the return of last year’s ROYGBIV calendar in the new format, offered as a horizontal and vertical print:




It may not be a double rainbow, but this series is still pretty bright and vivid. What does this mean? Well ROY G. BIV is the acronym for the colors of the electromagnetic spectrum and these 154 diptychs were pulled for their colorful qualities.


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The shipping tubes have arrived – now what’s going inside of them?

diptych-a-day / cornice, Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn

diptych-a-day / YOGO yogurt truck, NYC

diptych-a-day / Park Slope storefront, Brooklyn, NY