#FF / Incredibly Neat 2.0: Edible Edition

Last week’s #FF featured artists who created incredible images with their outrageous organizational skills and patience. This week features photographers who, working with talented food stylists, are creating incredible edible visuals which should only encourage children to keep playing with their food.

Maren Caruso (via CMYBacon)
Maren Caruso‘s gorgeous food photography makes me want to invade the aisles of my local grocery store – stat. Though she photographs a lot of food shoots, she has also done editorial work for Hilton, Macy’s, and Target. Working from San Francisco, Maren says her documentary background has trained her to frame a photograph in any situation, which is evident in her Ingredients series where she captures food action-shots, such as a salad being tossed or oil mid-drizzle.


However, my favorite might be her Conceptual work with the deconstructed ice cream cone, beautiful gradients of produce, swirls of seeds, and whatever this may be.



Evelina Bratell (food stylist) and Carl Kleiner (photographer) for IKEA
This shoot may be old news in some circles, but IKEA’s cookbook Hembakat är Bäst (Homemade Is Best) is so representative of the company that it almost hurts. IKEA, famous for its flat-packed and self-assembly required furniture, hired food stylist Evelina Bratell to disassemble the recipes into the individual ingredients and arrange the parts into geometric abstract pieces of art. Click here to watch the amazing behind-the-scenes video for the making-of and here to see more of the images.


Carl Kleiner photographed the shoots and can now add IKEA to his extensive list of clients. He has an impressive portfolio featuring food, household products, clothing, facial hair, you name it, and his latest collaboration with IKEA presents their kitchenware in yet another innovative way. These kaleidoscopic versions were styled by Evelina Kleiner which is adorable, because it seems that IKEA has brought two people together (rather than testing the strength of their relationship). I’d love to see one of their dinner parties.