DIY / Easter Melons


There are dozens of ways to prepare eggs – scrambled, over easy, poached, fried, sunny-side up, hard-boiled, with cheese, without cheese, shirred, steam-basted…


Well, there are also dozens of ways to decorate Easter eggs – neon dip-dyed, reverse-stenciled, tie-dyed, naturally-dyed, thread-wrapped, fringe-stripped, doodled, fluorescent-glittered, marbleized, CMYK’d



My take?



Maybe I’m already looking ahead to summer or perhaps I just realized that an egg looks awfully similar to a watermelon.


When we did Easter eggs growing up, we would draw patterns with white crayon before submerging, and you’re left with those lines since the wax resists the dye. I used the same technique for the melons, just drawing sketchy lines for the lighter green of the watermelon rind:




There are many ways of dying eggs – the PAAS kit, food coloring, Kool-Aid, natural plants + produce, lemon juice, vinegar…  and you can either hard-boil the eggs beforehand or blow the eggs out afterwards, if you’re planning on keeping them.


I used green food coloring in a fancy disposable red Solo cup to get the darker green:


Scooped them out and set out to dry.