#FF / Peep Culture

Tis the season for Cadbury eggs, chocolate bunny rabbits, and those fluorescent sugar-coated marshmallow critters. While I’m not such a fan of Peeps myself, I do love humor and pop culture – and so does the Internet and society at large. These little guys have hatched flocks of websites, broods of recipes (including Peep s’mores), an award-winning documentary, and even the occasional Peep jousting tournament set in a microwave arena.


However, the best Peep offspring are the diorama competitions that pop up around the country, my favorite being the annual Peep Show* by the Washington Post. If you somehow missed the year’s biggest movies and news stories (Kate Middleton who?), never fear – you can catch up on your current events and pop culture in marshmallow form. (*I apologize for all of the video advertisements on the Post’s slideshows, but seeing all the photos is really worth the 15-second wait)


The official winner tends to be a scene ripped from the headlines, like the Chilean Mine Rescue last year and OccuPeep this year, though my 2012 favorites include Downton Abbey, hipster Peeps, ancient Roman Peeps, the Royal Wedding, and a theater of Peeps watching Titanic in 3D.


The concepts – spot on. The time and attention to detail (the OccuPeep artist even modeled her diorama digitally) – admirable. And the puns – I’m in love, truly madly Peeply.


Peepton Abbey

Titanic 3D: Experience it Like a Peep

Just Peeped

OccuPeep DC

Black Peep