#FF / Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day on Sunday, today’s #FF honors two endeavors which would not be possible without major technological innovations, and yet they give us the chance to visualize, experience, and appreciate our physical world in ways we would not have imagined.


Google Earth

All of the effort and technology pouring into Google Earth enables us to fly around the world, re-live the history of our planet, and even locate our long-lost birth mothers.


(What did you expect? it’s Google)


Frozen Planet

I don’t know what it is more captivating – witnessing a pod of killer whales ingeniously tag-team a poor unsuspecting seal, seeing the Arctic glaciers melt and re-form again before your eyes, or watching it all come together in the ‘Making Of‘ clips behind my newest favorite series - Frozen Planet on Discovery Channel. (Plus, it’s narrated by Alec Baldwin – good God penguin!)


This show highlights the happenings of the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions and features some of the most spectacular footage I have seen. In the clip here titled Technology + Innovation, they explain on how breakthroughs in high-speed and timelapse photography, phantom cameras, and onsite data storage enabled the scientists and photo/videographers to capture moments that would otherwise go undocumented.


Celebrate Earth Day this year by tuning into the series finale this Sunday.